About Senergy

Empowering your project

Senergy Corporation was founded in 2008, with the ambition to bring qualitative partners together towards successful business and projects, by implementing a multi-dimensional internal approach.

Rapidly, Senergy became a leading distributor of silicon materials despite severe market conditions at the time, thus establishing the strength of our business model and our values as a team of passionate solar professionals.

Gradually, following its goal, Senergy has become more integrated, being directly involved in PV module production, PV module testing, PV projects development.

Senergy is now integrated like no other PV company is. From raw material to PV project construction, the company covers all the key areas of the solar value chain, for the direct benefit of our clients and our projects stakeholders. Our model enables us to maintain quality at all stages of the project, provides us the flexibility to adapt clients’ project requirements, while mastering the project costs.

With the passion of a multi-national team of solar professionals who have become experts in the fields of technology, materials, quality and project development, Senergy is best positioned to keep a fast-growing rate of its various activities, and will continue its integration towards a fully-integrated solar energy company.