The success of SENERGY is directly correlated to the success of our talents. It is through the development and nurturing of our people that we can secure sustainable growth. Our recruitment systems focus on finding both global and local experts who share our corporate values.

SENERGY has many exciting opportunities for careers in our companies and divisions. At SENERGY, we believe that people are the pillar of our competitiveness.

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SENERGY needs aspiring, talented individuals with global insight and competence who can meet challenges proactively. An aspiring person should think positively, act innovatively, and perform his or her duties meticulously and seamlessly.


We want our employees to have in-depth knowledge and business insights over responsible areas and business, and solve problems creatively to produce results.


We want our employees to pursue the common goal with affection and confidence, setting forth positive energy and persistent challenges.


We want our employees to pursue common values and goals through productive communications and considerations under mutual respect and confidence.

Based on this profile, SENERGY hires high-potential individuals with expertise in core areas, ability to raise competitiveness through creativity and innovation, as well as the ability to challenge themselves.

If you share our motivations and ambitions and want to become part of Senergy team, you may view our current open positions or send us your application at