The Group

Through its development, Senergy has grown vertically to become an integrated solar energy company. To respond to our clients’ needs and to specialize in specific fields, the Senergy group has set-up additional entities with dedicated teams.

Senergy Corporation

Senergy Corporation is involved in Project Planning, Procurement of raw materials from silicon to PV modules as well as inverters and mounting structures, Construction of PV parks, Financing and project developments. Senergy also owns and operates its own solar systems.


Senersun has been created in 2009 to bring a solution that is critical in the success of PV systems: defect-free PV modules at the best cost. Over the years, Senersun has imposed its status as a leader in quality of PV modules manufacturing, and its products have been sold in more than 30 countries, testimony of its clients’ recognition in its products superior value.
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STS was founded in 2010 as the quality arm of the Senergy group. Within less than a year, STS became the largest PV module testing company in the world, thanks to its uniquely designed mass-scale PV module testing center. STS has been at the forefront of quality benchmark and appraised by most utility, EPC and project stakeholders.
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