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Because clients of PV systems projects and procurement projects have various requirements, Senergy has built over time a range of PV module offers that match clients needs across the globe. To date, Senergy group has supplied PV modules to nearly 30 countries.

Since 2010, Senergy group is deeply involved in quality and risk control on PV module. By establishing the first-of-its-kind large scale PV module testing center, Senergy has pioneered in PV module quality, establishing in the meantime a reference for quality standards.

Today, the largest utility, EPC and Project developers are working with us to dramatically reduce their risk exposure when it comes to PV module quality.

We provide

PV Modules

PV modules for PV parks

For large-scale PV parks that require tight schedule, cost-competitiveness, solid warranty, large quantity and financial track-record, Senergy supplies PV module from Tier 1 PV module producers, at negotiated rates.

PV modules for residential and commercial systems

For residential and commercial systems, performance and quality are of essence. Depending on project conditions, Senergy supplies its own range of PV modules (Senersun brand) or products required by our clients at the best conditions.

PV modules for off-grid applications

Photovoltaics is a core component of the life improvement of thousands of people worldwide, whether they live in remote villages, have limited energy supply or cannot afford electricity. Various applications such as street lamps, small systems, etc require the advantage of PV modules. Senergy helps its clients to procure the right products at the right price for their unique solar application.

PV modules for various applications

Senergy is able to procure extremely low-cost PV modules from China that are required by clients who have specific cost requirements.

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Procurement of PV Modules

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