Silicon Materials

Experience and resource make a difference

Silicon materials are critical to solar cell performance. For nearly a decade, Senergy team has been daily involved in silicon materials sourcing, and has developed one of the most extensive network of silicon suppliers across the globe, shipping hundreds of tons of material each year.

Senergy suppliers range from polycrystalline silicon producers, to semiconductor manufacturers and silicon recycling professionals in Europe, Asia and America.

We provide

Our materials

Prime Polycrystalline silicon

Solar grade

SOG silicon

Solar grade

Clean and unclean polycrystalline silicon chunks, chips, powder

Granular silicon

Semiconductor-grade pot scrap, tops and tails, wafers (whole and broken), chips

Float-zone grade tops and tails and silicon scrap

Broken wafers and broken cells

Solar grade

The Senergy advantage

Construction Supervision

Product portfolio

Wider selection of product

Lower cost

Privileged relationship with suppliers


guarantees access to better products and quality

Right on time

The materials you need, when you need them

Unbeatable quality

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