PV Modules Testing

Third-party opinion makes it objective

As a third party, STS tests and inspects PV modules in a way that has never been done before. STS has set-up in China the world’s largest PV module testing center, capable of testing up to 1,200 PV modules each day!

Critical performance tests such as Electro-Luminescence, IV test, visual inspection, packaging check, I-V curve detection are performed at mass-scale, offering very quick quality feedback from a reputable institute. Tests are conducted in an environment totally separate from manufacturers, thus offering non-biased results, with equipment and staff fully under STS control.

Mass-scale also offers the advantage of dramatically bringing down the cost of PV module testing, area where STS is also the market leader.

To date, STS has tested and inspected more than 300,000 PV modules.

Our service

PV Modules Testing

Flash-Test + IV Curve Analysis at STC

Flash-Test at various irradiance

Electro-Luminescence Tests

Visual Inspection

(workmanship inspection)


Sharp-edge defects

(according to UL requirements)


Lamination tests

(peel-off tests)

The Senergy advantage

PV Modules Testing


Home of the world’s largest testing center for PV modules

Cost Efficiency

through economies of scale and maximised ROI


300,000+ PV Modules tested

Unique Approach

based on individual PV Module testing


Tests performed in neutral locations